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Monday, 27 March 2017

Jinbei will die..?

Chapter 860 was done..
The Tea Party was going to take part in the next chapters..
Strawhat Pirates making allies with Firetank Pirates to escape WCI by head off Big Mom..

And then all theorist mention that Jinbei will die..
Could it really be happen since Oda never really did that since WhiteBeard & Ace in MarineFord arc..
Or Monet in PunkHazard arc was dead too..

Let dig more why theorist predict Jinbei' life will end in this arc..?
Jinbei becomes the Captain of Sun Pirates after the previous Captain died..
Then he was choose to become Warlord (Shicibukai)..
He end his Warlord's title by choosing to be with his friend, Portgas D Ace..
Then he choose to believe in Luffy to become the next Pirate King..
He is Fishman that served King Neptune's royal family in Fishman Island..
He been asked by Luffy to join SH Pirates..
But he said he need time to leave Big Mom Pirates..

The conversation between Jinbei & Aladdin become the point for theorist predicted that Jinbei will die soon in this WCI arc..
Could he will be sacrificing himself to save Luffy or other SH Pirates..?
He mentioned that he choose Luffy as his Captain..
And as the crew member for Luffy, he will do everything that he can to protect Luffy or helping him to achieve his dream..

The exact TWO ending that suit Jinbei are:
i) Die as sacrifice for Luffy & SH Pirates..
ii) Become the next Nakama..
For me, I choose the second option..
There never be the first option at all..
Because we are coming closer to the final arc..
So if he want to die or sacrifice himself..
Maybe in the final battle..
This is become more handy thing to believe..

Why is that..?
Because I can see Jinbei with SH Pirates in Wano arc..
His attire & hairstyle make me believe that Jinbei is somehow know a little thing about Wano..
Maybe Ace saved him there in Wano (and that the story between two of them become as friends)
Beside that Sun Pirates also linked to Wano as their symbol is SUN..

And why on earth that Jinbei will die in this arc..?
He's the character that will be in Thousand Sunny with all other characters,,
The one that know Luffy well..
He know that Luffy will choose exactly like what he think of in any certain thing..
He knew that Luffy will crashing the wedding..
And he plan for Luffy to ally with Capone..
Jinbei & Sanji will be the head (thinker) for SH Pirates in battle strategy & contingency plans..

What do you think..?
Please share your thought here.. ^^

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