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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Marco, X-Drake & Bonnie : The next ally for Luffy..?

Who will become the next ally..?
Will someone in Worst Generation making ally with Luffy in future arc..?
Or someone as caliber as Yonkou Commander will be Luffy next ally..?

Let us predict on this topic..
I choose these THREE characters because of their attitude toward SH Pirates..
i) Marco
- He's Yonkou Commander..
- He will be going for Wano..
- He also once saved Luffy's life in MarineFord arc..
- He's Zoan DF User (the Pheonix)..
- He's been invited to join Shanks the Red Hair Pirates by Shanks
- He's been targeted by Weevil (the character that been told he's the son of WhiteBeard by his mom, Miss Bakkin)
- He's also want to get his hand on BlackBeard who kill WhiteBeard in MarineFord arc (So, I think that he will tag along with Luffy till SH Pirates fight in the war against BlackBeard)..

ii) X-Drake
- He's Worst Generation as same as Luffy..
- Maybe he become Kaido's commander too in Wano..
- X-Drake maybe related to Revolutionary Army or perhaps Marine under Kuzan..
- He's Zoan DF User (the T-Rex)..

iii) Jewelry Bonnie
- She's Worst Generation as same as Luffy..
- She help Zoro from Celestial Dragons in Shabaody Archipelago arc..
- She been hunting by WG..
- She cried when WhiteBeard & Ace died in MarineFord arc..
- She loves to eat especially Pizza(that makes her look more like Big Mom with her pink hair and the same red lipstick)..
- She's Paramecia DF User (age manipulation)..

What will you guys choose between these THREE..?
Please let me know here.. ^^

Others characters that I also want to put in this POST are:
i) Eustace Kidd
ii) Killer
iii) Basil Hawkin

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