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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

List of Oz Characters

Emerald City..
The Green City of Oz..
The Wizard of Oz is the one who lived in that green city...

I already mentioned about the FOUR main characters in my previous post..
You can checked it before you continue read this..
The list of IMPORTANT Oz's characters that may Oda inspired for Emerald City in OP:
i) Dorothy Gale
- Yes.. In my last post on this matter, this character belong to Nami.. But I never mentioned why is that.. Yeah Nami got the linked to Elbaf somehow because Oda did mentioned that her nationality is Sweden and Swedish is one of Scandanavian Languages that linked to Norse Mythology.. But if Emerald City somwhoe linked to Elbaf.. Mean that Oda makes Emerald City somewhere located in Elbaf.. Maybe the reason why Nami become Dorothy in that arc is because Dorothy last name is Gale.. Gale means a very strong wind.. And Nami is meaning the wave.. We need a very strong wind to make a wave in the sea.. That's too normal.. But other thing is about Nami's tattoo the windmill.. Windmill is somehow related to the wind.. A strong wind could operates the windmill to function.. Maybe this Elbaf arc is also the arc for Nami to shine the most (off course Usopp is the character to be remember in this Elbaf arc)..

ii) Cowardly Lion 
- I choose Chopper for this character in my last post.. And I choose Usopp for this character in my other post.. Yeah both of them need courage/brave in this Elbaf arc.. But the physical of Chopper makes it fit more than Usopp.. Maybe Usopp got other task in ELbaf (He focused on conflict of giants) and Chopper is somehow got task that linked with Emerald City.. So for Emerald City's task.. Chopper will fit well.. Even though Usopp also got link with Lion.. He's from Africa right.. The land that got most population of Lion in the world.. Chopper will become Cowardly Lion and meets Wizard of Oz to get his courage/brave.. Because he's been in the last places for bounty's reward.. He's been in the bottom three weak characters along with Nami and Usopp (maybe Oda just don't want them to over powered yet until this Elbaf arc)..

iii) Tin Woodman
- I choose Franky for this character in my last post.. Because in TB arc, Franky built a staircase using wood and he's shipwright for Strawhat Pirates.. Franky need heart.. I don't know what is the symbolic of heart that Franky want in this Emerald City.. Could he needs heart that means passionate toward his work/invention.. Or it could mean that Franky will fall in love in this Elbaf arc (This is totally nonsense).. Tin Woodman also one of the character that meets Wizard of Oz to get his heart.. Maybe after this Franky will become focus on his specialty.. Making the last touch for his own body's masterpiece..

iv) Scarecrow
- I choose Gastino for this character in my last post.. Weird.. Why Gastino..? He's not Strawhat Pirates.. Yeah.. He will become nakama (maybe after WCI or Wano arc).. He fit well in this Scarecrow;'s character.. Scarecrow need brain.. Somehow he's the scientist and Gastino want to be the number 1 scientist in the world.. Maybe after meeting Wizard of Oz.. He will get his brain to work well.. Not into something like poisonous gas or weapon that will harm the world.. Maybe he will make use of his Gas DF to help other SH Pirates in future..

v) Wizard of Oz
- I named Vegapunk as Wizard of Oz in this Emerald City theme.. Because Wizard of Oz is someone that not exactly related to magic but his science knowledge.. This arc will let SH Pirates to meets Vegapunk the famous scientist in OP.. Maybe he will grant them something.. Look not just Dorothy will get something from Vegapunk.. Chopper, Franky & Gastino also will get something in return.. These three characters linked with Vegapunk so much.. Indeed that's why the important of Emerald City's task (hope that Emerald City will be located in Elbaf)..

A fact on Emerald City..
It got the green theme..
Prince Loki also got the green theme..
Maybe somehow it linked Elbaf with Emerald City..
Other green thing is Green Bull..
Could he be there too..?

Other characters that need to be there in Emerald City:
i) Witch from North
ii) Witch from South
iii) Witch from East
iv) Witch from West
- I think these witches will be the reference of Yonkou.. Yeah.. In Wizard of Oz, there are only THREE witches that stated except Witch from North.. The three witches are South, East & West.. Could it be that three Yonkou could be linked to this Emerald City or Elbaf.. Two characters that I think will be in Elbaf or related to Elbaf were Shanks the Red Hair & BlackBeard (since he replaced WhiteBeard).. Maybe we could see the battle between Shanks & BlackBeard later (maybe before or in Elbaf arc).. Other Yonkou could be Big Mom because she somehow linked to the giant also.. We could get the detail information on Big Mom - Giant crisis.. And also the backstory of Shanks & BlackBeard fight in the past where Shanks got the scars..

v) China Princess the delicate figurine
vi) Toto the Dog
- We seen a character in Alabasta Saga named Toto.. Could it linked somehow to Vivi..?
vii) Eureka the Cat
viii) Jellia Jamb the helper of Wizard of Oz in Emerald City

What do you guys think of this topic..?
Will Emerald City somehow be in Elbaf..?
Plase share your thought with me.. ^^

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