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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Wano arc or Elbaf arc going to be the same BIG WAR as MarineFord arc..?

The war between Marine (under WG) and Yonkou WhiteBeard has been set up at MarineFord..
The main important thing about MarineFord arc is Portgas D Ace..
Beside knowing Ace is Roger's son..
The world also known Luffy as Ace's little brother..
Then the world also known Luffy as Dragon's son..

Along with WhiteBeard's big crews & Jinbe, Luffy head on to release Ace..
He want to save his brother, Ace..
But Ace then saving his life from Admiral Akainu..
So the topic is..
Are Wano or Elbaf going to be as BIG as MarineFord..?
BIG is refer to the fight/war will be EPIC as MarineFord arc..
We know that in Wano arc, Luffy will fight against Yonkou Kaido..
He will get the help from Marco The Pheonix (One of WhiteBeard's commander)..
And maybe in Elbaf, Luffy will meet his mentor, Yonkou Shanks the Red Hair..
Could it be in Elbaf, the story going to be BIGGER than Wano..?
Maybe WG or Marine is somehow there protecting Elbaf..?

What do you guys think of this topic..?
For me,
A)The similarity between Wano and MarineFord are:
i) Ogre/Oar
- Maybe Kaido also linked to Ogre/Oar theme.. We seen Little Oar Jr there in MarineFord under Yonkou's WhiteBeard..

ii) Yonkou title
- In MarineFord, WhiteBeard's title been grabbed by BlackBeard.. Maybe in Wano, Kaido's title will be grabbed by someone too..

iii) Familiar Character
- Character like Marco The Pheonix will be in Wano arc too..

B)The similarity between Elbaf and MarineFord are:
i) Yonkou title
- As WhiteBeard's title been grabbed by BlackBeard and Shanks appears to put a stop in that fight.. Would it be that Shanks' title will be grabbed by someone and another yonkou comes to put a stop.. My theory goes like this, maybe after Wano, Luffy or Law will granted the Yonkou title.. And in Elbaf, Luffy or Law maybe the one that put a stop in that war.. And to make this plot even better is BlackBeard also there as he want to challenge Shanks.. He need to become the great Yonkou so that he would reach the title of Pirate King & he also need more islands in his territory..

ii) BlackBeard
- Same as I mentioned above.. Could it be that BlackBeard will be there in Elbaf too..? And he got the same reason as what he did to WhiteBeard in MarineFord..

iii) WG and Marine were there too
- Yeah.. I think WG has its new base in Elbaf.. So that they remove Vegapunk from PunkHazard so that he can continue his works in somewhere isolated.. Mean that Vegapunk could be somewhere in Elbaf Island.. This will make this Elbaf got even better and better..

iv) Ogre/Oar/Giant
- Offcourse there are giants in Elbaf.. Maybe there are other too it like San Juan Wolf from BlackBeard Pirates and other that appear like Little Oar Jr (WhiteBeard Pirates) in MarineFord.. Maybe in Elbaf.. We could see Hajrudin, Brogy, Dorry & other giants under Great Warrior Pirates will be there including Prince Loki & The King of Giant.. Maybe Prince Loki got his own agendas & the king also his own agendas (Might be among those two.. The are traitors that work for WG) And this is will be the war for Great Warrior Pirates to fight them..

What do you think about this..?
Please share your thought with me.. ^^

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