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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Spoiler for Chapter 860 : Opening of the Reception

These is SPOILER for Chapter 860 

Title: 10:00 Opening of the Reception
- What..? At 10:00 am the Reception started..?
- Can't wait to see the cover page.. What will Oda sketched for Chapter 860..?

Come on guys.. 
Let start this SPOILER one by one..

Informations given: 
i) Aladdin and the rest leave Pekoms by himself at the eastern bay entrance and they leave the island as instructed by Jinbei - Flashback
- Jinbe did not want Sun Pirates to be punished for what he done.. He knew Big Mom would kill them all just because of Jinbe betrayed her.. 
- Did Charlotte Praline follow her husband, Aladdin..? 
- But why leave Pekoms.. This would create chance for Pekoms to telling Big Mom about Capone's plan.. I doubt Pekoms is a ranked officer in Big Mom Pirates.. Maybe the Rook same as Capone..? Maybe that the reason Pekoms was saved in they leave him at WCI.. Other things is he not one of the Sun Pirates' crew members..

ii) Jinbei explains about the roulette.The numbers on the roulette indicate how many people have fallen victim under the roulette. As Jinbei cannot deal with such unreasonable punishments, he wants to use the chaos during the Tea Party for them to escape from this island - Flashback
- At last Jinbei provided us about Big Mom's roulette.. Can't wait to see that roulette once again..
- This tell us Jinbei is someone with the brain such as Sanji.. They think ahead of them in such a danger situation..

iii) The Vinsmokes are walking around the castle. Apparently, the venue is at the rooftop of the castle.
- Vinsmokes (means that all of them included Sanji & Reiju..?)
- Could Reiju did warn them about Big Mom's plan..?
- Can't wait to see Reiju & Sanji together once again.. Maybe Sanji will try his best to save her sister (Please don;t make Reiju die in this WCI.. Maybe the history could be the same as Luffy lost his brother in MarineFord arc..)

iv) The guests are starting to arrive one by one:
a) Loan Shark King "The God of Fortune" Le Feld
b) Red Light District Queen Stussy
c) The Great Mortician Drug Pietro
d) The World Economic Journal President "Big News" Morganz
e) The Veteran Warehouse "The Concealer" Giberson
f) The King of Shipping "Deep Current" Umit
- Damn.. They all seems to be ruffian.. Could it be they are the Underworld's Emperors..?
- World Economic Journal maybe related to WE Comic Strip right..? Maybe we can get some information on Germa 66 versus WG from that President..
- "Big News" Morganz is the same of Morgannes that been mentioned earlier or not..? Maybe the spelling a little bit different but it sound the same.. Because in my previous post.. I mentioned that Morgannes could be International Singer that will perform for Big Mom's Tea Party..

v) All of them get to the rooftop directly with Perospero’s ability who created a candy escalator
- Charlotte Perospero's Lick DF ability shown for the 1st time.. For your opinion, which character will fight him..? In my previous post.. I did mentioned that Gangster Gastino/Ceaser Clown could be the best opponent for Perospero.. What do you guys think of this..?

vi) At the entrance of the tea party’s venue. Organ trafficker Jigra (another guest) is causing trouble as he wants to get in but is being denied. Bege wants to do a body check, but Jigra is stubbornly refusing and then he gets shot by somebody and dies.
- Jigra is invited guest or he just shown up because he knew Big Mom in the past..? Or he also one of the Underworld's Emperor because of his title Organ trafficker..?
- Why Capone Bege denied him from entering that event..? Could he received order from Big Mom..? Or he plan for something on using Jigra.. Maybe he need Jigra's help..?

vii) Somebody’s shadow can be seen on top of the gate.
- Could it foreshadowing someone else that want to enter that event..? Or it point to be Charlotte Katakuri because of the introduction after this..

viii) Big Mom Pirate Crew and one of the 3 sweet commanders: Charlotte Katakuri, bounty 1,057,000,000. According to Bege, he is the most troublesome guy in Big Mom’s crew. Apparently, he mastered his Kebunshoku Haki so much that he can slightly see ahead of the future. Katakuri explains that he could see that Jigra planned to kill Big Mom so assassinated him.
- Everybody must recheck back all three sweet commanders's bounty to know who's the best among those three.. Could it be that Katakuri is the strongest..?
- Did denied the theory on Pudding become the third sweet commander as the nickname Katakuri.. Sorry guys.. lol..
- The new level (perfect) of Kebunshoku Haki.. It stated that Katakuri can slightly see ahead of the future.. Could it be that Katakuri is a brother to Pudding (mean that they share the same father..?) Could it be that Usopp will get that level too in future..?
- One more thing is Katakuri shoot Jigra because he can see (with Haki) that Jigra want to kill his mother.. So Katakuri is not the swordmen like Cracker.. He used gun.. Could it be the sniper for Big Mom Pirates..? Or Katakuri just want to make Capone fear to continue his plan by shooting Jigra..? Indirect warning maybe..?

iv) Big Mom arrives at the venue and the tea party starts.
- Damn.. Can't wait for the chapter 861 because the Tea Party starts in that chapter..

This is just a spoiler..
I don;t own this article..
I just share it here so that we can predict/speculate more on this topic.. 

What you guys have in mind right now..?
Share it here with me.. ^^

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