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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Pokemon Aeon : Episode 35

Ep 35: Meringue City’s Delights

After the long walks, they arrived at Meringue City. The sweet smell that coming from centre of Meringue City that called as Sweet Avenue makes them craved to taste all of it. Not far from that area, there was a man that waved his right hand at them. Yoshua smiled. He greets that man. He was Hiker Riyo. Yoshua met him at Irgiant Fjord. Yoshua asks him about his injured leg. He says that he’s okay with it. He used walking stick to walk.

Hiker Riyo asks them to follow him. Meringue City served the best sweet delights in Aeon Archipelago. He ordered biscuits, cookies, a few slices of cakes and smoothies. He treats them all with the best that served in Sweet Avenue. They enjoy the food. Yoshua asked him about what happen in Irgiant Fjord. He tell them that he fall into the big hole. He can’t reach for his sling bag. One thing that he had that time is Stoutland. He asked Stoutland to get help.

Hiker Riyo loves to tell stories. The time they were with him full of excitement. He tell them about the meeting the guardian of light when he was eight years old. His father was one of the mechanics that volunteer to maintain that lighthouse in Town Zero. He works with his father. Ash and Yoshua remembered that they promise to find a mechanic so that that lighthouse can operates once again. Ash asks Hiker Riyo if he could fix thing in that lighthouse.  Hiker Riyo smiled. No one asked him to do so. Yoshua tells him that the important of maintaining that building so that every traveller or trainers could easily journey across Irgiant Fjord. He will help with it. He smiled.

Hiker Riyo also tell them that their journey will fill with fascinating thing from here beyond. They will reach the Sleeping Forest after watching great scenery of Melody Fall. He won’t tell them about it. He asked them to see it with their own eyes. Hiker Riyo watched all pokemon that these young trainers had. Then he saw Gizlow. He walked to that pokemon and rubs it body. He mentioned about the tale of Gizlow and Capoury. Gizlow and Capoury are best buddies. They travelled everywhere together. That tales was famous in this Meringue City. Yoshua asks what type is Capoury. Hiker Riyo sent out 64Capoury (Grass/Sound).   

Capoury walked around Hiker Riyo. Hiker Riyo says that they never seen Gizlow for a long time. This is an opportunity to snap a picture of two of them together. This will makes children happy and recalled back to that certain tale.  Ash asks Hiker Riyo for battle. Then he asked Yoshua to shoot the moment with Hiker Riyo’s camera. Gizlow battles Capoury. Gizlow used Aurora Wave. Capoury broke it with Leafage. Gizlow used Headbutt. Capoury evades that attack and counters it with Sweet Tone. Gizlow was hit and before it could launch attack back at Capoury, it receives Bullet Seed from its opponent. Gizlow was hit harder this time. Its body shines and then strange phenomenon happen. Gizlow learn its new nature ability called Plasma Effect. Plasma Effect cancelled any physical attack by 50% and then increased special attack of Gizlow. Capoury won’t give up. It launches Aroma Drop on Gizlow. Gizlow been chant by the sweet aromateraphy and become confuse. Before Capoury could attack it with another move, Gizlow snapped out from that confusion and launched Lumen Law. Lumen Law extracts pure light from its surrounding and attacks it to its opponent. Capoury was down. Gizlow win that fight.

Flashback, Gizlow didn’t notice this move at all. Lumeglou taught it silently when it possessed Gizlow back at lighthouse. With this new move, Gizlow found its nature ability: Plasma Effect.

Hiker Riyo was happy to see amazing pictures taken by Yoshua. He thanked them all for this opportunity. They also glad to see Capoury in action.

Note:               (64) Capoury (Capybara+PotPoury) – Capybara Pokemon - Capoury

The tale of Capoury & Gizlow was once popular in Meringue City.. 
The journey continue..
What will Ash & his friends face next..?

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